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I've always had this fascination with fraternal twins. Always. So I was bound to ask her *the* question: Do you mind if I associate with your brother? The shocker: She agreed. Wasn't expecting that one at all. But she made a comment about "You're MINE, and I'm going to let him know in no uncertain terms, and you need to let him know as well." I was confused, until I met him.

And the diference between the two is very marked. I'm used to Artemis being almost catlike in my life, always watching from the shadows, always guiding me in her own way. She comes forward when I need her, and she gets very aggressive when she has to. But mostly, she's a guide.

But Apollo? Oh lord. There's only one deity I've worked with who was a worse flirt, and that was Loki. (Highly reccomend him, too, if you're in need of some serious wake-up-calls.) And if you get sidetracked, he pouts and gets offended because you're not paying attention to him. But he's very brilliant, and a very accomplished musician. (It was like the music came from far off, so faint, but so beautiful.) He's a decent conversationalist, too, once you learn that he is a god and you are a mortal and the difference between the two positions.

So my question is: Has anyone else worked with both twins, and what were your experiences? Have you ever worked with both at the same time, or were they separate like my experiences? I'm interested.

Thanks in advance!
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