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Southeastern Hellenic Group Forming -- crosspost

Sorry in advance for the spamming, I am just trying to get the word out.


Anyway, for any of you that are interested in or practicising the Hellenic/Greek religion and you live in Southeast United States, I invite you to join either (or both) of the two groups we have created:

The Yahoo Group:

And a sister Livejournal group (for those so inclined):

We are a group hoping to bring together Hellenes of the Southeastern United States. The actual explicit intentions of the group are still defining themselves, but we hope that this can grow to be a good place for community, networking, possible meet-ups, discussion, and the exchange of knowledge between those interested in or working the path of Greek religious spirituality (be it Hellenic Reconstructionism to other various forms of Hellenic polytheism). We also hope to perhaps one day do ritual(s) together as well, even perhaps form a Damos. We shall see.

Thanks and we hope to see you!

Nicole, a moderator of se_hellenes
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Are you aware of any Hellenic/Greek groups of a similar nature for those who live in the Northeastern United States?